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Corfu Greece

Corfu Greece, a famous Greek island, has much more to offer than comparable holiday destinations.  It has 29 Blue Flag Beaches and crystal clear, blue sea, villages where it looks like time has stopped and a centre where history that reflects the island's heritage is around every corner.

Being the most northerly of the Greek islands, it is naturally the greenest island. Due to its perfect climate of long, hot summers and good rainfall during the cool winters it is often called the Emerald Isle. Corfu produces many citrus fruits, including kumquats, as well as olives and olive oil, wine, figs and the tastiest salad ingredients, when added to the wonderful fish and sea food caught in the clean waters that surround the island, makes Corfu a paradise for food lovers!

Corfu Old Town has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2011.This is hardly surprising since there are many unique and historic buildings that represent the different rules that Corfu has undergone throughout its colourful history. The Venetian influence, in the Old and New Fortresses, is the most dominant, but French and British are plainly evident in the Liston Arcade, the Esplanade and grand residences that are now museums, the most notable being Mon Repos and the Achilleion Palace. Just south of Corfu Town, in the village of Gastouri, The Empress of Austria built the Palace as a holiday home.  It is a wonderfully preserved building and should be visited while on Corfu. In recent years, the rich and famous, from film stars and musicians to international politicians have patronized Corfu as a holiday destination. Some years ago the nephew of Aristotle Onassis built a hotel that catered for them, now they choose villas on the secluded north east coast or anchor their yachts in the bays.

Corfu Greece has been a holiday destination for centuries. The Romans chose to come to the island and built baths so that they would feel at home. For over forty years Corfu has been the destination chosen by visitors from all over Europe, now over a million visitors stay on the island and more than a million cruise ship passengers spend time here.  Corfu has charm, personality, warmth and hospitality.  The Corfiots will always make you feel part of their family and that is why Corfu will always be a popular choice.

If this is your first visit to Corfu use our ‘Top 5 Attractions’ suggestion guide. This is a comprehensive list of the most interesting and important places on the island.

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