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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my tour?
You can pay by Credit Card, Paypal or other internet based payment system

What if I have to change a name of one of my party?
This can be done and doesn't incur a charge.

What happens if I have to cancel my tour?
You will be charged on a percentage of the total cost of your tour:
15 or more days prior to your tour date no charge is applicable
14-7 days prior to your tour date 30% is payable
6-3 days prior to your tour date 50% is payable
48 hours or less prior to your tour date 100% is payable.

What happens if cancels my tour?
In this event, we will refund you fully or will offer you an alternative tour of comparable content, standard and value.

What happens if I want to change my tour?
If you need to change any details of your tour (different tour or date), we will do our best to help.
The price of your new tour will be based on the price that is valid on the day we received your email request. Name changes will be accepted at no charge.
If you change all details of your tour (different tour or date) this will be treated as a cancellation and subsequently a new booking. A new final email confirmation will be sent to you showing the new details as appropriate.
All alternations are effective only from the date that receives written instructions from you. This date cannot be later than our cancellation penalty period that is 15 days prior to the tour’s date.
Please note that we cannot accept any correspondence or claims from any other member of your party. Only the Lead Name (the person that made the original booking) can make any alterations. Alterations made 15 days and less prior to the tour’s date are subject to our cancellation penalty (see table in chapter 8).

What happens if changes my tour? will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible, prior to your tour. In this instance you have the option to:
a. accept the changes
b. purchase another tour from us
c. cancel your tour
If you choose c option, we will refund you in full. Please see our Terms and Conditions Section 5 for a detailed explanation.

What if we can't find our meeting point / representative?
Please call us immediately on 0030 6945 265 048. If you do not call us any loss or damage, which you suffer through failure to do so lies with you. It is your responsibility to arrive at the agreed place on the time agreed.

Will the price of our tour increase at any time?
The price of your tour, as shown on our email confirmation, will not be increased or changed once full payment has been received.

Something went wrong, how do I make a complaint?
If you have a complaint about your tour, please inform us immediately on 0030 6945 265 048, and we will try to solve the problem on the spot. If we cannot resolve your problem immediately, you should fill out a ‘Customer Complaint Report’ with your guide.
If you fail to report such incidents in writing during the tour, cannot consider your complaint valid and you will lose the right for refund.