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Pantokrator the highest mountain of Corfu

At Pýrgi, you turn onto the road, which in many bends and with beautiful views rises up through Spartýlas and Strinýlas to Pantokrator, which is with its 906 m the highest mountain on the Corfu Island. The road first intersects olive and oak forests. Stinýlas at an altitude of 600 m is already in a very harsh environment, a grapevine is grown here. The attraction of the village is a huge elm shaded village square with taverns.

In the desolate landscape with limestone cliffs, here and there there are green meadows on which sheep and cows graze. In addition to the antennas, there is a monastery on top, whose church was allegedly built in 1347.

The spectacular view covers the whole island, the north of the Othon Islands and the Albanian mountains stand out in the north. At these altitudes, a cold wind usually blows, so it is necessary to take a jacket with you.

At the top there is a limited possibility of parking, so it is better to walk the last kilometers.