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From Corfu to Albania


A trip to Albania, Saranda and the historic town of Butrint is very interesting.

Officially, a passport is required, but an identity card is sufficient during the main tourist season.

Albania has Central European time, so it is one hour back from Greek time.


Saranda (14,500 inhabitants) was already the most important Albanian resort on the Adriatic during the socialist era, yet neither the town nor the beach are attractive. In late antiquity, the city walls and a large church of 40 martyrs (Hagioi Saranda) were built, which gave the place the name. From the fortress you can enjoy a view over the bay and Lake Butrint to Corfu and the Albanian hinterland.

The ruins of one-fifth of the discovered ancient city of Butrint (UNESCO cultural heritage) are among the most famous landmarks in Albania. According to legend, Butrint was founded by Aeneas when in his own way from Troy first arrived in Illyria, and only then came to Latia and became the ancestor of the Romans. Historically, Butrint originated as a Greco-Illyrian town. The decline of the city began after its last prosperity during the reign of Byzantium, when they penetrated Epirus in the 8th century. Slavs. In the 11th century. Butrint suffered from the booty of the Normans from southern Italy, later turned into a stronghold by the Venetians.

In 1928, the remains of the city were discovered by the Italian archaeologist L.M. Ugolini. The Lion Gate, the Hellenistic Theater, the Roman Baths, and the 5th Century Baptistery are among the most significant uncovered buildings in the city, which are picturesquely situated on a small peninsula in Lake Butrin. and the basilica from the time of Emperor Justinian. The Venetians built a fortress above the city, which now houses a museum.


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