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Corfu Angelokastro


To reach the ruins of Angelokastro you must pass through the village of Makrades, which sometimes turns into a souvenir market and is clogged with tour buses, you can reach the Angelokastro fortress, which reigns over the mighty rocks, along a narrow road. From the car park you will ascend to the ruins of the castle in 10 minutes, but you will definitely be more captivated by the circular view. The castle was allegedly founded in the 12th century, and it is documented that Castrum Sancti Angeli became the property of Naples in 1272. During Venetian rule, Angelokastro repeatedly suffered from Turkish invasions, but was always able to survive, in 1537, whether he found over 3,000 people. With the end of the Venetian estate, Angelokastro lost its strategic importance, the French used the fortress as a lookout tower. It was demolished during British rule, so that apart from the chapel, only the foundations of the walls and the remains of cisterns have been preserved. At the highest point is a chapel dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel (1734). Around the church you can recognize graves that have been carved into the rock.