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Achilleion Palace


It is a building monument from 1890 on the Greek island Corfu.

From 1891, when the palace was opened, until 1898, when the Empress Elizabeth was murdered in Geneva during the assassination, it served as a place for the empress to rest. She also lived here, among other things, because of her health, when she was looking for a local favorable seaside climate.

The palace was named after the ancient hero Achilles, since Empress Elizabeth was a  admirer of Greek ancient culture.

After Elisabeth's death, the palace was not used for ten years. In 1908 it was purchased from Emperor Franz Joseph I by the German Emperor Wilhelm II, who used it until the outbreak of the First World War. During both world wars the castle palace served as a hospital.

After World War II, the palace was also used by a private company as a casino, which was at that time the first in all of Greece.

Today the Achilleion Palace is open to the public all year round.

Inside the palace you can visit the impressive rooms and stroll around the magnificent gardens filled with exotic plants, trees and view of the Ionian Sea.

A visit to Achilleion Palace is part of some tours of Corfu Trips. Clients can choose from three options:

1) The first option is full day shared trip Grand Island tour.

2) The second option is to visit the Achilleion palace by choosing a private trip either a half day tour to Achilleion Palace and Old Corfu Town or a full day trip to Achilleion Palace, Corfu Old Town and Paleokastritsa.

3) And the third option is for cruise ship passengers with pick up from the port. Again, clients have a choice between a half day shore excursion, including the Achilleion Palace and Old Corfu Town  or a full day shore excursion including the Achilleion Palace, Corfu Old town and Palekostritsa,_mouse_island_view_and_corfu_town.aspx